How To Save Money By Recording Your C.D. With Emerald Record's Tracks!

In the recording industry the union scale for musicians is around $250.00 for a three hour session per musician. Approximately six musicians will be needed to achieve the commercial sound needed for a song to be recognized for master quality. The leader of the band gets double the fees provided for a session. The total per song paid towards musicians will be about $1750.00. The studio time and mix down is around $400.00. To record an artist on a live session for two songs averages $4300.00. This only includes the tape master and not the pressing of the product on a C.D. or Cassette. Of course, if a live session better suits your needs, then we can produce that for you too! "The Alternative To Save Money" By recording with master tracks that Emerald Records has already recorded, we can offer the artist 10 sides for an album that he or she has chosen from our Emerald Records file for only $5000.00. We have over 1000 selections recorded in the past 30 years to choose from. The artist would pay $21,500.00 on average for ten sides to record in the studio on a live session. The client saves $16,500 on the album by cutting with our tracks. We can offer promotion and release of the artist on Emerald Records after the completion of the session as we own Music Town Distributors and Promotion Company. The cost of pressing 1,000 C.D.s is $3000.00 and the promotion of the product would be an added $3000.00. The artist will own the master she or he has cut and can offer it to other Independent/Major recording companies in prospects of signing to their label. If the client can't get a deal then, we will release the product on Emerald Records for the fee mentioned above. Let's record today!

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